THE 1975

thank you all SO much for your lovely messages. I would reply to them all but there’s literally so many I can’t keep up. how happy you all are for me and saying I “deserve” this has literally made me so emotional. I owe everything to this band and I am in such a crazy ball of happiness right now over this past week and especially tonight. I’ll try to post all my photos, and some kinda story when I get the chance.


the most amazing end to this week of tour.

moonlightsinners asked: What is your snapchat? I would like to receive some snaps too 😍 i'm seeing them in 4 days and I'm so excited x please answer on private x thank ya


I’m currently sitting in the backstage bar with the most amazing people and I just want to cry. tonight has already been amazing and the 1975 aren’t even on yet. I don’t want tour to ever end!


I look awful but idc cause John was the sweetest person ever.
endless-curlsn asked: Your snaps of the concert gave me life

ah I’m glad you like them! I’ll try and post some more tonight :) x

Anonymous asked: Ellie Goulding was at the show last night!!!!

I know :)

// Waughy //

/ / T H E 1 9 7 5 / / M E R C H / / L O N D O N / /
Anonymous asked: Relax! overall he's just another guy who tours and plays in a band. Sure he's talented but he's a human too so don't be weird yeh?

it’s not about being “weird” for me. I’m not nervous because I’m worried I’m going to be too much of a “fangirl”. I’m nervous because this is a fucking huge deal for myself and the steps to my career. I’ve been reviewing albums, shows, and writing about music for 3 years now, and meeting artists for interviews is always scary because you’re not sure how they’re going to react to your questions. I’m just starting out, I don’t work for a prestigious well know on publication, I work for myself. it’s all on me. I suffer quite bad with anxiety so when you mix this all together, my nerves literally make me ill. alas, I have to push myself through it to make me a better person. walking into Alexandra Palace last night and seeing the size of the venue, the amount of people there, and more importantly the insanely positive reaction that John got, just makes me realise how much of a big deal this all is and that just scares me. that’s all.

Anonymous asked: Is there an after party for ally pally with the guys there?

they say “after party” but it’s just the bar in the venue open until 1. the guys aren’t there.

I’m interviewing john today. toDAY. I feel so fucking sick with nerves I don’t even know how I’m gna go through with this without having a panic attack. fucking hell.


Alexandra Palace //
Anonymous asked: Does matty have a girlfriend?

yeah me