THE 1975

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THE 1975
Anonymous asked: I'm going to the 1975 concert in November and I'm not quite sure what I should to wear I planned out an outfit but I'm not too sure about it ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™Š

for the 73973734th time it doesn’t matter what you wear!! x

Anonymous asked: how do i convince my mom to allow me to the 1975 concert?? she says it's a waste of money :((

if youโ€™re still young enough to need
your mums permission to go to a show then you need to respect her decision if she says no. be mature about the situation, ask her why (without being all bratty teen about it), and be prepared to come up with reasonable solutions. maybe invite her along. x

Anonymous asked: can i say hi to you at the 1975 show if i see you?

sure :)

baaaaaaa---aaaaa asked: Do you like sheep?


Anonymous asked: I can already feel little bubblings of excitement for next Friday.

please stop i’m getting heart palpitations juat thinking about it

Anonymous asked: I completely understand where you're coming from with the enjoy the whole music thing. I've never been to a The 1975 concert and I'm going on the 30th of September and yeah being at the front would be great and I want to be able to have a decent view of the band sure but even if I'm not close Im honestly not that bothered, I'm going for the music not the view

thank you for getting it. i’m not trying to be nasty, and I blatantly said in the post that it’s cool if you wanna queue all day and do that like that’s awesome for you, I just wish more people would understand that your concert experience isn’t about being front row. it’s about the atmosphere, the way your insides feel when the lights go down and the music starts. sometimes, being at the back of a crowded venue is far more breathtaking than making eye contact with the lead singer. s’just my opinion, anyway.ย 

PS, see you on the 30th x

this time next week will be the day before manchester and i already know i am not going to be able to sleep oh holy shit someone hold me

Anonymous asked: orrrrr people want to actually be able to SEE them preform since they paid money to do that, since a lot of 1975 fans are young women the majority are gonna be pretty short and can't see otherwise?

you’re completely missing my point. bye.