// THE 1975 //
I think it’s time to finally admit my huge crush on John, god dammit
Anonymous asked: can you put a link to your FAQ in your description? I'm always on mobile and can't check it before hand! :(

it’s literally just /FAQ at the end of my URL

freakofinternet asked: I'm going in September but on the 21st, so if anyone is going then tell meeeee 😏 sorry for talking through your account jayde xx

no problem! go make friends 21st date people! xx

Anonymous asked: Do you know Marty's weight, penis size, what time he was born at, all I his girlfriends since he was born.

hahahaha ily



I did some shit to this and it sounds good so I thought I’d share. Please don’t steal this.


Anonymous asked: you and samuel make my heart hurt oh my god

mine too.

ihopeyouamendit asked: This is probably weird, but I really want to go see them live in November, either in Raleigh or Atlanta but I don't have anyone to go with... Is anyone planning on going to either of those concerts?

Raleigh or Atlanta anyone? contact this lady! x

Anonymous asked: can you post your icon? pleaseeee

Anonymous asked: Do you know what height Matty is?☺️

yeah and so does my FAQ xoxo

Anonymous asked: Have you got a link to that version of robbers you just posted about?? Would looooove to watch it, thank youuu😘

here. xx