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The 1975 article in The Age (29/8/14)

// The 1975 // - Electric Picnic


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dudethatsr4d asked: Agree with you on the Matty looks tired thing!! 1)he probably actually is tired and 2)he just kinda has that tired look to him really hahaha

I know right, it’s just rude if nothing else, imagine if people constantly told one of us we looked tired I’d probably hit them haha x

I’m a bit bored of people saying “Matty looks tired” on every single photo of him. of course he’s fucking tired he’s been on tour for over a year. they’re all tired. WE’RE all tired. he’s never exactly been the smiliest person in photos has he? just be quiettttttttt they’re not the only band in history to excessively tour. it’s the music industry and he’s not your pet so SHHH

Anonymous asked: I live in Wolverhampton an I would go with you! But I don't think you would want to hand out with a bunch of 17 yr olds 😕 (ps I am the only girl going with a bunch of boys :(( )

I’m am going to the Wolverhampton show now and I may well be going on my own and I’ll happily say hello to anyone :) see you there x

bed--head asked: so i am meeting matty in november (!!!!!!) and i was going to ask him if he could be my first kiss would he say yes do you think or is that weird????

you want me to be honest? of course that’s weird! you’re a young girl and Matty is a 25 year old man. just because he’s in a band we love doesn’t mean he owes anything like that to fans. imagine how awkward he will feel having to say no? it isn’t fair on him. it’s also quite disrespectful - we don’t know if he’s in a relationship or not. if you have the opportunity to meet him you should use it wisely and tell him how much the music means to you, or something real - not expect a cheap thrill from someone in reality you don’t actually know.

are you fucking kidding me


Orla Gartland met The 1975 I’m squealing my two favorites

4 shades of the 1975

matty being a dick

The 1975’s debut album has officially been in the UK top 40 album charts for an entire year!

Anonymous asked: What does your leg tattoo mean! X

what do mean what does it mean? means I like cats? (sounding like Ross here haha) x

bittercanbesweet asked: You're so lucky. I hope you have a truly terrific time at each gig!

thank you very much, I shall. :) x

sammuddly asked: Can you post a picture of your header

I’m on my phone and I don’t think I even have it saved anymore sorry x